Nonprofit Spotlight: Buddy Care Foundation

buddy care foundationName of Organization:
Buddy Care Foundation

Organization Location:
Nashville, TN

Organization Website:

Organization Goals:
The organization’s goal is to help save the lives of loved and valued canine companions, so that no family has to make a decision to end a life due to financial hardship.

Organization Mission Statement:
Buddy Care Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to dog owners that can’t afford critical medical care for canine companions in need.

Do You Need Volunteers:
We are always in need of funding and fund-raisers!

How to Donate:

buddy care foundation foundersMore Information:
The organization is named after the founder’s dog, Buddy, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 15. Buddy suffered from a variety of health challenges throughout his life, including a serious heart condition and kidney issues, which led to five kidney stone operations. Yet until the last week of his life, Buddy remained an active, loving member of the family whose contribution to his family member’s lives was immeasurable. The founder of Buddy Care Foundation and his wife were fortunate in that we were always able to afford and provide the necessary medical care. However, most American families, especially in today’s economic climate, could not… leaving the family to decide between euthanasia, or simply not providing adequate care. Learn more about the Buddy Care Foundation and  help save some Buddy!

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