Books We Love: Steven the Vegan

Steven the VeganTitle: Steven the Vegan

Author: Dan Bodenstein

Illustrator: Ron Robrahn

Reading level: 3-8

Steven visits an animal sanctuary. Steven’s friends question why he is only eating vegetables. He teaches his friends where meat, eggs and dairy products come from and explains why he has chosen to view animals as his friends. His classmates are receptive to Steven’s lifestyle choice and some of them even decide to adapt a vegan diet.

Three Things to Love:

  • The book teaches children about where meat comes from without any graphic or disturbing images. Instead, the book used encouragement, rather than scare tactics. A hard feat to accomplish, but it’s done well.
  • This book teaches children who are vegans a great way to explain to their friends about their lifestyle choice. For children who have not adopted a vegan lifestyle, the book presents a new way of thinking about the food they are eating.
  • The book presents sympathy and kindness towards animals in a gentle way, which is a lesson all children should learn.

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